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Grieve The Astronaut CD

Album Title: Grieve The Astronaut
Artist: Grieve The Astronaut
Album Artist: Grieve The Astronaut
Release date: June 27, 2015

1. The Law Of Jante Overture
Written by Calissa Knox

2. Lights
Written by Raymond Hayden

3. Hands Of A Child
Written by Raymond Hayden

4. No Surprise
Written by Raymond Hayden

5. A Million Hands
Written by Raymond Hayden

6. Twilight
Written by Raymond Hayden

7. Mystic Rhythm
Written by Raymond Hayden

8. Loss Of Innocence
Written by Calissa Knox

9. Red Door To Nowhere
Written by Raymond Hayden

Raymond Hayden - Piano & Lead Vocals
Chris Tussing - Drums
Ben Beman - Bass
Calissa Knox - Synth, Piano & Backing Vocals
Nebojsa Solunac - Inspirational Speaking Parts
Simon Groves - Child Speaking Parts
Jessica Lynne Witty - Backing Vocals
Anthony Ciarochi - Keyboard Strings
Russ Mazion - Backing Vocals

Recorded at Crash Bang Boom Productions in Milton, WA.
Producer & Engineer: David Mark.
Vocal Producer: Jessica Lynne Witty.
Mastering by Panic Studios in Seattle, WA.
Released by Maurice The Fish Records.
Sr. Executive Producers: Terry Powers & Analisa Cartwright.
Executive Producers: Charlie & Wendy Dent, The Moss Brothers Band, Brenda Van Fossen & David Lewis.
Artwork by Kent Ward.
Photography by Bill Bungard.

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