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Top 5 Books that Changed my Life

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As the first in a series of Recommended Products I will start by recommending 5 books that changed my life and why.
The Big Leap: Conquer Your Hidden Fear and Take Life to the Next Level by Gay Hendricks

This is my favorite book to recommend. I have been known to buy it for people because I believe the message in this book is something everyone should know about. It describes how we often self sabotage by creating "upper limits" to our wellbeing. He describes early childhood conditioning as some of the reasons why we often find ourselves "upper limiting" and destroy our own happiness. Best of all he has a delegation of responsibility that nicely contradicts any conflict solving that I was taught. And most importantly he talks about living in our zone of genius and yes, we all have one. 


Overcoming Underearning(R): A Five-Step Plan to a Richer Life by Barbara Stanny

My life started making sense when I realized that money was my addiction. She describes why you can be a chronic underearner even if you make $70,000 a year. Not that I did. But that underearning really has more to do with a mindset. This book taught me that living within your means really is self love - not deprivation. And that I really need to make a commitment to changing my addiction and my habits if I ever want to be free.



Money, and the Law of Attraction: Learning to Attract Wealth, Health, and Happiness by Jerry and Esther Hicks

I love everything Abraham-Hicks puts out, but this was the best one. Learning how what we focus on we get more of has been an eye opener in my perspective and my general attitude. I used to be of the understanding that life happened to me and it was out of my control. Abraham-Hicks conveyed a completely alternate reality. Understanding that I have choices and they impact my life - it truly was like waking up from "the Matrix". 



Playing Big: Practical Wisdom for Women Who Want to Speak Up, Create, and Lead by Tara Mohr

Tara is one of those rare gems who speaks her mind and dares say what most women wont. Yet she does it in the mildest manner. It was a true awakening to realize how we as women sabotage ourselves because of upbringing and years if not centuries of conditioning. The equality of women and men will not be level overnight and knowing that we are not actually there yet was somewhat liberating. This book made me want to inspire more strong women to follow their dreams and passions and create a life for themselves in their own way.


The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte

Ever since I started my journey of self development I have been creating vision boards left and right. One would be outdated even before it was done and I would create a new one. I loved creating a visual of the things I desired. When I was introduced to the Desire Map everything changed. In stead of focusing on my desired things, events and visuals, Danielle LaPorte took me deeper to explore how I actually wanted to feel in the different areas of my life. I stopped making visual boards and now kept desired feeling boards.


I hope you will enjoy these books as much as I have. I provided you with links to get the books with Amazon or the actual authors website where I could. However, if you're like me and like to listen to your books in stead - here's a link to Audible, where they right now have 2 books for free when you sign up!

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