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What do you choose to focus on?

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When disaster strikes in the world we can't not feel it everywhere. As a species we are interconnected. And when other people hurt, it hurts. When your best friend is in pain, you're in pain. 

But the same goes for joy. We can choose lift each other up or bring each other down. Even though I believe no one makes you feel anything - you still have a choice on whether you want to focus on the positive or the negative in a situation. And you have the choice to voice the positive or the negative to others.

In the Northwest, forest fires have been front of mind, while in Texas and Florida it's been hurricanes. It is in times of disaster that we get to show our true selves. Do we then choose to focus on the love we have for mankind or do we look the other way? Do we share freely trusting that the "golden rule" will apply?

In the past, I have often felt that putting myself out there as a musician was selfish. The "look at me" syndrome was there from youth where I was often told to "tone it down". But I now know that hiding my gifts from the world is depriving the world from the healing and joy my music can provide. It also provides a platform from which I can provide tremendous help. I choose to use my musicianship and my connection to you, my tribe, to help others in need.

My team and I have created the first product in a line of products from which proceeds will go to each of the different areas who need our help. First up there's the "Going To Texas" t-shirt, paired with a download of the song "Going To Texas [Live]". All proceeds go to the American Red Cross Hurricane Harvey Relief. I bought mine and will be facetiming with you once it arrives. 

Stay tuned for more charity driven products! 

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