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This year has been different for me. After having pursued, been obsessed by making a living off of my music I felt like I hit a wall. I realized I was working really hard for not enough. I know it's no surprise to most that a musician would have a hard time making ends meet. But for me it was a little different. I had plateaued at a place where I was not growing anymore. Which also means there was no future in the way I was doing things. To make things worse I was starting to feel uninspired on stage, which is where I normally feel the most passionate. 

So it was time for a change. Soul searching, I realized I had let some things go that used to be important to me. Maybe I will cover in another blog post how that happens. But for now I noticed that I had stopped blogging after my blog was lost to malware on my old site. I had let my yoga practice go. I also noticed that my music career was suffering from severe lack to strategy and consistency. And because I wasn't bringing in enough money, I didn't have the means to step back and make these changes because I was playing shows all the time. 

Enter Ted Brown Music Outreach. I was offered the position as the Director for the Live It OutLoud program, a project dear to my heart, that I have been a mentor in for the last three years. Even though this was an almost full time position it gave me something being a full time musician did not: consistent cashflow, a break from playing live shows all the time and the flexibility to arrange my own work day.

From this new spot I can breathe a sigh of relief and take that eagle eye look at my music career that it so desperately needs. I am sure many more realizations will come from this reprieve, but for now I am acknowledging that getting back into my yoga practice gives me the foundation of energy I need. That what I am really a fan of is the flexibility of creating my own work day. And that in spirit I am an entrepreneur, and with that comes the insatiable appetite for creation and growth. Stagnation is the real prison. It also gives me some space to get married this year. 

So with this, I welcome you to my new blog. 

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